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Hi there, Welcome to my blog...i'm an artist so i will be journaling about my forays into the artistic world as well as the successes and challenges of being an eccentric artist! Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions..i'm new to this!

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Happy day!

Well today is another hot day in lotus land! I just finished beading a Namaste plaque to put on the front door. The base is made from wood and painted in acrylics, then i wire it and add beads for a hanger. Its pretty cool .....its a lovely greeting for all who come to the magic cottage. Namaste Means, the Divinity in me honours the Divinity in you!
Soon i will be leaving for a Reunion get together of my alma mater Steveston High. I will be meeting up with my sister who is a year ahead of me, my ex hubby, and a bunch of other friends! It should be a blast! I always find it interesting to see in what manner people have aged....are they more attractive, have they lost their they have that inner beauty that but can't help letting it shine outwards. People like that are a magnet. That is what i find soooo attractive!

Well gotta get ready!

Peace, love and glitter!


At November 7, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Blogger Jane B. said...

Hi Violette - I loved your work in "Kaleidoscope" - hope you can teach at Journalfest next year (saw a post on one of the other attendee's blogs), we all need more bohemian glitter in our lives! Would love to see the Namaste sign that you made...please show picture :-)


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