Bohemian Girl

Hi there, Welcome to my blog...i'm an artist so i will be journaling about my forays into the artistic world as well as the successes and challenges of being an eccentric artist! Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions..i'm new to this!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Busy, Busy , Busy!

Well it has been a very busy couple of weeks! I had 2 sets of company from California, Cindy and Kat from Modesto and Ellen Edith the wonderful wacky artist from Santa Cruz. I had fun with my guests. Ellen's visit was very inspiring....we exchanged art ideas, resources and inspiration. Ellen is such a positive uplifting person despite the challenges she has faced in her life. She is a testament to the fact that we all can overcome our difficulties to live a rich and full life. It is a choice to continue on despite what has happened to us in the past. Every day is a new beginning and we have the ability to choose our own adventure! Hanging out with positive uplifting people enriches our lives. Because of Ellen i am finally going to take that Photoshop course which will make my illustration work much more professional and easy! Hopefully!

I was rejected by the California licensing agent which i was hoping would take me on as a client and on the same day i found out that only one person responded to a rather large newspaper article that the Georgia Straight did on my purses and life. Money is tight and i was really hoping to make a number of sales of my purses. So i allowed myself to be despondant for a day. Now i have to get on with it and decide what to do to make money and continue to follow my passion. I think i will journal and perhaps some clarity will emerge!


Monday, August 02, 2004

Jessica's birthday!

Today is my daughter Jessica's birthday! Well we are celebrating her birthday.....her real birthday is on Aug. 11th . She'll be turning 28 years old! So hard to seems just like yesterday that she popped out with these tiny little milk dots over her nose. I think that my two kids, Jessica and Ryan are my greatest creation! What a blessing to have them in my life!

The backyard is all gaily festooned with flowers, glitter, bows and all manner of birthday celebration glitz....there is even a giant Marlin holding up a happy birthday banner. Jessica's chair is all decorated with a bow, flowers, feathers, beads and even a dolls head in her honour since she likes things to be cute but slightly disturbing!

I love you Jessy!